Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy day project...

A couple weeks ago I found a dress at Goodwill... it cost me less than a dollar... I bought it with the thought that I would make it into a scarf... so today, I finally got around to doing it... and I documented my creating!

The dress started out looking something like this...
(I actually didn't take a picture until I had cut the skirt off... but you get the basic idea - ugly)

I cut the skirt into 6 different sections because I didn't want all of the stripes going in the same direction... that wasn't interesting enough for me...

Then I sewed the pieces together to make 2 long strips...

 I then pinned the 2 long pieces together
(wrong sides together - the wrong side of this fabric was horrible... so I didn't want it to show... that's why I made it a double layer instead of just a single like most scarves)

I cut off the excess... I wanted a perfect rectangle.

Okay, now comes the fun part. I put a wing needle on my machine. This needle is big compared to normal sewing needles... it's called a wing needle because it has little 'wings' on the sides of it. This type of needle separates the fibers of the fabric so that you have a really cool 'holey' effect throughout your stitching.

I used this lattice-like stitch... and stretched it a little.

Time to sew!

I sewed around all four edges...
(I love how it made the edges scrunch up a little... yay for unexpected added interest!)

(Close up so you can see what the wing needle did... see the cool holes?)

Then I tried to fray the edges some... I feel like washing it should help make the edges fray... 'cause i wanted that effect on this scarf... and the stitching will keep it from unraveling all the way.

Finished product! Perfect for a rainy day like today...
(Sorry for the weird coloring... I tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse... oh well.)

I love re purposing things... and modifying things to make them epic... and I was happy to actually have time for it today. =)


  1. WOAH!!! You're so talented! This is amazing!! I wish I could sew!

    1. Aww thanks!
      And, you totally could! It's not hard to learn... and it's very rewarding. =)