Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today I want to show you some of my past creations... pinatas!
These are all made completely out of newspaper, flour, water, and a little paint.
I have a lot of brothers... and therefore a lot of little-boy birthday parties happen at my house. So I started creating these pinatas for their parties every year. Making them saved us the money of purchasing one for every party... and this way, I could make the pinata fit any party theme that my brothers wanted. We definitely do DIY birthdays at my house. =)

Maybe one of these days I'll do a tutorial on how I make them. Tell me what you think!

(Oh, and I did change my blog header in case you were wondering... so now I may show up in your subscriptions as "Thr3e of Ei8gh"... do not be alarmed.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A long-awaited birthday present...

I have finally completely a project of mine that has been in the works since September...
I received a Joann Fabrics gift card for my birthday and I immediately knew what I wanted to use it to make... A mushroom dress! ...or... a dress with mushrooms on it, rather.
I finally got around to making it this past weekend.

I fell in love with this fabric as soon as it came into our store...

I also picked out a pretty brown to accent it with... 'cause mushroom's everywhere might have been a little much. =P

And I knew I wanted the dress to have a scrunchie looking top... so I origianlly picked out this pattern...

I was planning on tweaking some things so that the dress didn't look so apron-like... But then - I came across this pattern when making a different dress for a friend...

(Dress A) It still had a scrunchie top... and I thought the waistband was more grown-up and slimming... so I decided to use this one instead.

So I began...

 The top was a little bit low on me... so I raised it up 2 inches... 

I assembled the bodice and waistband in brown...

I also decided I wanted a fuller skirt... so I added 4 inches to the edge of the skirt... then I just gathered in the extra fullness.

I attached the bodice to the skirt... now all I had to do was put in a zipper and hem it.

I adore HUGE hems... (I actually like to cut my patterns extra long so that I can do this) so I gave this dress a nice 4 inch hem... *angels singing*

And there you have it! Ain't it cute?

Close up of the adorableness...

The brown fabric has some awesome texture to it... It makes me happy. =)

So there you have it... dress complete! Happy birthday to me... haha. =P
(pictures of me wearing it are soon to come... I just have to bribe an unwilling brother in to taking pictures of me in it... *sigh*)

(Oh... and my blog is under construction again... I'm not pleased with it... so bear with me.)


Here are pictures of me in it! Thanks to my wonderful friend Maeve for putting up with my silliness. =)

 I love it. I wear it alllllllll the time. ^_^